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About Lewisham.Site

Lewisham.Site features a Money Saving Voucher Programme, which provides access to the largest network of high street discounts in the UK including major high street brands and local retailers. The card provides savings over 5000 locations nationwide.

The card costs £9.99 plus £2.99 postage and packing . 50% of the sales price of the card will be equally split between Urban Synergy and Help 2 Beat Cancer CIC

About Urban Synergy

Urban Synergy is based in Lewisham. Created in 2007, Urban Synergy is an award winning early intervention mentoring charity that helps over 1,000 young people between 11-18 years of age reach their full potential through outcome focused mentoring programmes and inspirational seminars.

Supporting Urban Synergy

Are you a Retailer looking to Help 2 Beat Cancer and to support Urban Synergy, in a small or big way? You can be featured on Lewisham.site for FREE and part of a small commission charged when you sell your products can go direct to Help 2 Beat Cancer, Urban Synergy to help its valuable work. Please contact us...

Urban Synergy Programmes

The Urban Synergy Programmes utilise individuals from a variety of professions who voluntarily offer young people (mentees) support, guidance and encouragement to achieve their best.

The charity believes that high profile role models from all walks of life can make a positive difference to a young person’s life and in a relatively short amount of time, Urban Synergy has become a dynamic force for positive change.

More information at http://www.urbansynergy.com/

Coming Soon at Lewisham.Site

A Focal Point For Retailers and Organizations To Help 2 Beat Cancer, and to Support Urban Synergy and The Local Community

The site will feature Retailers who support Urban Synergy as above. Commission aid by such retailers on sales made via this site, will be equally split between Urban Synergy and Help 2 Beat Cancer CIC.

Such participating Retailers will be able to reach out to the local community and ask them to purchase their products and help support a good cause

Links to such retailers, and to events aimed at Helping 2 Beat Cancer, and to support Urban Synergy, will also be featured on this site.


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